What is UHD Initiative?

In theory UHD Initiative is a collective endeavour amongst television professionals, students, educators, and various other industry stakeholders keen to holistically expand quality UHD broadcasting worldwide through content creator education and enablement.

What is UHD Initiative’s raison d’être?

The intent is to provide television students proper training, technological access, and hands-on experience to transition from tutelage to full-time trade in the realm of UHD television. In principle, the same goes for working, post-graduate television professionals so that they may take advantage of continuing education (ie. mentor workshops) and gain experience necessary to contribute to UHD content creation.

Who is UHD Initiative designed for?

If you read the previous two FAQ’s, this may seem obvious… UHD Inititiative is conceived to give:

  • film & television schools the ability to update their curricula thereby attracting more applicants;
  • film & television students who attend UHD Initiative partner schools access to the most technologically advanced equipment and the ability to get experience working on real world commissions whilst undergraduates, as well as the opportunity to see their contributions widely proliferated;
  • film & television professionals opportunities to broaden their skills through practical experience working on real commissions thereby preparing them for the realm of UHD television.
Why UHD?

The future of television is ultra high definition. The devices are proliferating at an astonishing rate, the delivery infrastructure is in place, and viewers crave more UHD content. Simply put, UHD is where the opportunity lies, and it’s future-proof.

Does VLN’s platform deliver content exclusively in UHD?

No, whenever possible VLN transmits its programming in UHD (eg. via satellite to UHD-compatible screens or Samsung UHD devices). Otherwise, VLN streams in the highest possible resolution depending upon factors such as screen and bandwidth available.

How does UHD Initiative help Film & Television schools?

Simply by providing the resources and practitioners required to expand their repertoires to include UHD-specific courses/coursework ultimately affording pupils the occasion to contribute to VLN broadcast commissions, diversifying their résumés and dramatically improving their chances for working in the realm of UHD television.

What if I am a student enrolled at a school that is not a UHD Initiative participant?

Students may only participate in UHD Initiative though their respective schools. Otherwise, to have the same benefits they must join the Cooperative as a professional.

What are the upsides for students who participate in UHD Initiative?

UHD Initiative participation gives students valuable experience in exchange for their time and contributions. After graduating from a UHD Initiative partner film & television school, students may join the Cooperative and get paid for their contributions, as well as become stakeholders in productions.

Who should apply to be a mentor?

Film & television professionals with expertise in the realm of UHD, such as cinematographers, editors, compositors, DOP’s, etc., as well as those whose specialties include producing, scriptwriting, directing, lighting, sound/audio, presenting, and more. Applications are accepted 24/7 365 days a year and are considered on the basis of experience and credentials amongst others.

What role do mentors play to help the cause?

Mentors are fundamental to advancing the ubiquity of UHD entertainment, particularly by organising workshops and working with the post-graduate/professional television individuals, as well as through participation in the Community.

Are mentors compensated?

Yes, please contact us for more information.

How do mentors apply?

Apply here.

Who should attend workshops?

Film and television post-graduates and professionals interested in unprecedented exposure to education, equipment and facilities ultimately enriching their core competencies through experience on real UHD television series.

How much do workshops cost?

Prices vary according to location, duration and subject(s).

Are there multi-buy discounts?

Yes, when and where applicable, participants may be able to pay a reduced price for multiple workshops and/or for multiple reservations to the same workshop. Terms and conditions may apply.

What is the Community about, and what function(s) will it serve?

The Community purpose is multifaceted:

  • Enable members to network, engage freely and collaborate with peer professionals in a protected environment.
  • Update members of upcoming workshops and keynote speeches.
  • Provide a platform for members to exhibit portfolios.
  • Showcase featured projects, contributors and new project commissions.
  • Keep members apprised of relevant industry news, events, and Cooperative announcements (eg. location availability, equipment acquisitions, etc.).
  • Provide resources required for responsible production.
VLN Community

Who should join the Community?

Persons involved (or even aspire to be) in the film and television industry in various capacities from A-Z.

Does it cost to join the Community?

No, it is free to join.

How is the Community different from the Cooperative*?

Community registration is free, and some privileges may be reserved for Cooperative members; Participation in the Cooperative (ie. collaborating on a project and being remunerated for your contribution) is exclusive to paying subscribers.

What is the earning potential for Cooperative members?

Each project will have unique allowances for pay rates and production times/schedules, but basically members can earn a day rate for their time, plus a perennial rev share of the project.

*Coming soon.

What are the criteria for submitting a pilot?

It must be long-form (minimum 22 minutes), lifestyle-related, shot in ultra high definition, and serial.

Is membership in the Cooperative mandatory to submit a pilot?

Not initially, but if the series is commissioned by VIVE Lifestyle Network, then at least one crew member must join the Cooperative.

What are the monetisation possibilities for pilot programme participants if their series gets commissioned?

Just like any other Cooperative crews, your crew would earn their respective day rates (subject to approval) for their time, plus a perennial rev share of the project.